Cryptocurrency Bot

Arbitrage Trading Bot

Based on the fundamentals of Arbitrage Trading, this bot is created using Keras / Tensor flow and features a neural network to allow this bot make decisions in a real world cryptocurrency trading environment.

This bot uses asynchronous programming to compare cryptocurrency prices across multiple platforms including Binance to find, and exploit arbitrage opportunities. Having hard wired in transaction / processing fees, this bot only initializes a trading opportunity when a guaranteed return on investment exists, and can perform potentially thousands of trades per day.

This bot, on first initialization was capable of outperforming humans within the cryptocurrency arbitrage market. As this bot features a neural network, it is continuously evolving and learning, making extremely small adjustments to its own settings to maximize profits.

Unlike other cryptocurrency bots on the market, this bot does not invest in one specific cryptocurrency, based on algorithmic trading, but rather monitors the buy and sell prices of 50+ cryptocurrencies across 5+ platforms and manipulates the buy & sell rates. Essentially purchasing from website X if it knows it can sell on website Y for a profit.