Django eCommerce

Various eCommerce Platforms

Using the Django programming framework, I have created multiple eCommerce platforms covering a wide variety of markets. These include but are not limited to news stations, local shops looking to bring their businesses online, and gambling websites. Due to the flexibility of Django and the potential future growth of an online platform, this is my ‘go-to’ framework when considering any larger scale platform which is realistically limited at the knowledge of the developer.

As Django forms essentially the structure of a web application, any custom internal applications can be programmed and used. This means that specific applications can implement other programming languages that are best suited to that specific application. For example a Django website can implement the usage and styling of React JavaScript in certain areas, whilst implementing Python and machine learning in other areas. This fluidity allows the most powerful tools to be used individually which can combine to create an ultra powerful web application that can easily be scaled into the future.

To date, I have created multiple eCommerce platforms based on client needs. One example of such a project is a cooking and food website that scrapes cooking recipes & tutorials from across the internet and presents them to users in an easy to view website. Adding to this is a bot designed to scrape cooking related products from a leading online retailer and sell these items on the websites built in store. On purchasing an item, the bot will automatically place an order on the aforementioned website to complete the order, after applying a slight mark up in price. This website also features an email marketing system to notify members of new recipes, and products which are available and are automatically customized to each member based on previous shopping history, and recipe views.