Search Engine Optimization

Get Noticed Online & Drive Results.

Regardless of how well built, or how much effort you place in content creation. Your website will not receive the attention it deserves without perfecting multiple areas of search engine optimization. Key metrics such as performance, linking structures, markup, accessibility must all be performing at the highest levels, only then can a detailed SEO strategy targeting on page content as well as off page backlinking.

Other aspects of web development, such as UX design also play a factor in SEO, providing positive user experience, as well as clear, easy to use navigation and content can improve metrics such as bounce rate, and ultimately lead to higher CTR. As a full stack developer, and SEO, I am in a position where I can provide a wide range of SEO services that cover all aspects of SEO, from page structures to custom scripting that will increase performance. Adding to this I work closely with my clients to identify niche markets in order to maximize search rankings in these specific areas before implementing a structured SEO strategy that will provide results.

For more information on how I can help your website, or online business, contact me today to see how we can move forward, and improve all key areas of your online presence.