Learn Python

Learn Python

Interested in automation, machine learning, or powerful web development languages? Python provides the foundations for all of these!

Why Learn Python?

Python is an extremely powerful programming language and is the language of choice when it comes to machine learning, neural networks and even eCommerce websites. The quantity of open source Python frameworks and packages, makes it an easy language implement across markets such as financial services, web scraping and machine learning. Essentially Python provides a powerful engine to build on. Pairing this powerful engine, Python can seamlessly process data back and forth between a websites front end design, and back end database, or simply manipulate data without the use of a database.

Programs Available

With a seemingly endless list of uses for Python, I offer courses that are targeted. To provide courses covering the full scale of Python is physically impossible. Therefore I offer a Python fundamentals program, where you will learn the basics of Python, how to use, and implement Python both on the command line as well as integrate Python into web applications using the Flask framework.

Below are a list of the Python courses I offer:

  • Python Fundamentals

Here you will learn the fundamentals of Python and get familiar with the language. This course will teach you how to build web applications that use the power of Python to simplify web design and development through the use of loops, calculation, and other tools. You will learn where to find, and how to implement Python packages, with examples being given through the use of “mini projects”. These tutorials will provide you with the foundations you need to further perfect your skills as a Pythoneer or Pythonista.

python programming

  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Machine learning is a very powerful tool that can be used in various scenarios. The difference between machine learning / neural networks, and automation, is that machine learning, uses its own ‘brain’ to take action. The more data that is provided to a neural network, the more it can be refined and perfected. The aim is to create a program that can run independently from humans, and without human input, learn, and develop itself further. The key difference is that neural networks can provide an answer even without having pre-programmed code.

In this course, you will learn the basics in theory behind Neural Networks to help understand and visualize how these programs work. You will learn how to program a robot that will generate stock price predictions, as well as create a bot that you can talk to, similar to a ‘homemade’ Alexa.

Neural Networks

  • Python & Automation

Unlike machine learning, Python and automation is pre programmed to perform specific tasks where we know what the outcome and data will be. For example bots that automatically scrape websites will be pre programmed to target specific URLs, before scraping through code looking for a specific section. The contents within this section are then copied, compiled into a text document, or spreadsheet before saving the file locally.

In this automation course you will learn the basics of web scraping, and task management based on predefined triggers which will provide you with the skills necessary to further your understanding, and development of automated bots.

python automation

  • Web Scraping

Due to the quantity of requests for a specific web scraping course, I have included a course specific to this subject. In this course, you will learn how to scrape articles, job postings, products and more from various websites. As web scraping can be used maliciously, this course is designed for educational purposes only, and the legitimate site of web scraping.

This course will provide you with the skills needed to write your own custom web scraping applications, and leave you in a position where you can easily start earning money on websites such as Freelancer where frequent requests are made for data compilation via web scraping.  This course is also a great way to learn processes in Python, in which several areas of code are programmed separately, function asynchronously, but need to work in unison to provide successful results.

web scraping with python

All of these courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via this website. On subscribing, you will gain unlimited, unrestricted access to your course materials.