Training packages are available in several areas from coding to SEO.

Why pay others to do work that you can easily do yourself? With the training packages available, I will walk you through a complete course on a one to one basis.
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John O'Brien

UX Design

Understanding UX design can drastically help your business or website. My UX design training will walk through the 5 planes of UX, emphasizing the usefulness of planning to ensure future implementation only serves to improve your website.

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Understand your user experience

Unlike the UX design training above, this area of training will help explain the performance side of web development. Learn how to read data such as bounce rate, and implement changes to increase your user experience.

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Responsive Web Design

With a huge quantity of web traffic being from mobile or tablet devices, web design in more modern times has become more challenging. This module will dive into responsive web design through CSS and Bootstrap to ensure your website is fully responsive, regardless of user viewing device.

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Full List Of Courses

Front-End Development

Become a front end developer using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Learn how to use Bootstrap and jQuery to create, design and start your journey to a front end developer job.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

This course will teach you how to implement the best techniques in search engine optimization. Taking you through a 9 section program.
This course covers on and off page SEO as well as technical SEO.


This course is specifically designed to teach the foundations of eCommerce. How to get your online business up and running. The legalities and how to grow and scale your business.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a sub category of my front end development course. This sub course was created specifically for those who only want to learn about responsive design.

Affiliate Marketing

This crash course in affiliate marketing will teach you the inns and outs of affiliate marketing. Teaching about the different legalities, as well as how to design a strategy and implement it.

UX Design & Principles

UX design is an extremely important feature in modern web design and development. This course is split into 5 sections, covering the 5 planes of UX design. In this course you will learn how to plan, design, implement, launch, and evaluate websites based on the latest UX design principles.


€35 / $45 Per Hour (Online Training)

At this time I am only offering one to one training. Prices above will drop once courses become video based. 
All current lessons will be hosted via Skype / Zoom / Slack.

*Prices are negotiable depending on training.

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